McCray Professor of Business

Professor of Accounting



Classroom Center 215E

Office Hours


(806) 651-2521

MW 8-9:30


(806) 651-2514

MW 11-12



TTh 9-12

Curriculum Vita



Courses:                      ACC 3311             ACC 6306
                                   ACC (5)4311         ACC 6309
                                   ACC (5)4315         ACC 6320
                                   ACC (5)4331         ACC (5)4332

Education:                  PhD - University of North Texas
                                   MBA, BS - Eastern New Mexico University

Experience:                 West Texas A&M University (1997 to present)
                                   University of Tulsa (1987-1997)
                                   KPMG Peat Marwick (1978-1983)

Recent Publications:


“Beyond the Bailout - Treasury Notices Negate Effect of

Section 382 on Bailout Corporations,” Tax Adviser,

June 2009, with Karyn Friske.

“New Farm Bill Excludes CRP Payments From

Self-Employment Income...If Recipient Is Retired Or

Disabled,” Practical Tax Strategies, January 2009,

with Alice Upshaw.

“One More Try: The Duplicated Loss Issue,” Oil, Gas &

Energy Quarterly, December 2008, with Karyn Friske.

“GlaxoSmithKline and the IRS Finally Find Relief with Zantac,”

CPA Journal, June 2008, with Sharon Burnett.

IRS Proposes Basis-Tracing Regulations,” Journal of Accountancy,

June 2009, with Laura Jean Kreissl.

“Shell Wins $19M Refund,” Journal of Accountancy, October 2008,

with Karen Cooley.

“High Court: No Evasion Without Deficiency,” Journal of

Accountancy, June 2008, with Alice Upshaw.

“Check-the-Box Regulations Are Valid,” Journal of

Accountancy, June 2008, with Laura Kreissl.


Memberships:             AICPA
                                  American Accounting Association

Hobbies/Interests:       Golf
                                   Watching Grey’s Anatomy, House, NCIS and Boston Legal
                                   Playing Trivial Pursuit

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